The Sixth International Conference on Women in Physics

At the 1999 IUPAP General Assembly, the concern was raised that women are greatly under-represented in the field of physics in most countries. Recognizing that all fields of science progress most rapidly when they draw from the complete available pool of talented people, the participants of the General Assembly passed a resolution to form an IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics.

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Purpose of the Conference

The purpose of the Birmingham, U.K. conference (ICWIP2017) is three-fold: (i) to provide an opportunity to view and analyze the current status of and progress in promoting women in physics in each country and internationally; (ii) to provide an arena

for women in physics to share their scientific accomplishments and create international scientific collaborations; and (iii) to build capacity in each participating country to design and implement changes that improve the participation and advancement of women in physics. By bringing together teams of physicists (mostly women) from across the globe, the Conference plans to:

  1. review the international status of women in physics country by country;
  2. share success stories and identify persistent barriers impeding women in physics;
  3. propose ways to improve women’s participation in physics worldwide;
  4. help teams refine and accelerate appropriate strategies to improve the status of women in physics in their home countries, regionally, and internationally;
  5. share physics research progress and results;
  6. seed collaborations in physics research, education, and outreach involving participants from multiple countries in related subdisciplines.